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What are the advantages of solid wood plantation shutters

The common type of plantation shutters is solid wood plantation shutters. Because of its excellent ventilation and ventilation effect, it is also more environmentally friendly. Of […]

The pros and cons of using plantation shutters at home, an article tells you

“The moon between the plantation shutters is divided into dozens of lines.” It’s probably the most sexy and voluptuous statement about plantation shutters. I don’t know […]

The benefits of wooden plantation shutters cleaning and maintenance of wooden plantation shutters

Windows are common furniture in many people's homes. There are many types of windows, one of which is called wooden plantation shutters, I don't know if you have heard of it. Since it is called a wooden shutter, it must be different from ordinary windows and must have some characteristics. So what are the advantages of wooden plantation shutters compared with other windows? Let the editor take you to learn some knowledge about wooden plantation shutters.

Plantation shutters beat curtains

Of course, curtains are just a few pieces of drapey fabric, how much space can they take up? However, once you hang curtains or cloth curtains, you should reserve space for opening and closing the curtains, at least 15cm, and also leave room for entering and exiting at ordinary times, and considering the waterproof performance, in places like the balcony It is especially inconvenient, and the plantation shutters solve the problem perfectly.

I don’t know how to choose curtains, how to make partitions, buy plantation shutters

The biggest charm of plantation shutters is naturally the adjustment of light and shadow. It can not only adjust the brightness of the room from multiple angles but also make the light evenly sprinkled in, making the indoor items look very high-end. But when it comes to the plantation shutters, there are still quite a lot of voices around. So the plantation shutters, are they good or not, and how should they be matched? Today I'm going to tell you about it.

How to buy plantation shutters

If after reading the above shortcomings, you still choose plantation shutters, then congratulations on your promotion to be a loyal fan of plantation shutters, you should pay attention to the following issues when purchasing.

Home Plantation shutters Knowledge Collection!

The shutter is a kind of window sash that is slanted with wooden slats into a scaly shape, which can be opened and closed to ventilate and shield from rain and light. Common types of plantation shutters are plastic, aluminum and wooden plantation shutters. According to different home space environment, choose different materials of plantation shutters.

Are you still hanging curtains in your home?

It's outdated, and more and more people are installing plantation shutters, which are exquisite and practical. Curtains, no matter when are the bulk of the interior soft furnishings and the most important existence. Choosing a delicate and beautiful curtain has a great influence on shaping the style and atmosphere of our home. When it comes to curtains, I believe that most people will only think of the softness and calmness of fabric curtains, but nowadays, more and more people are beginning to pursue the simplicity and simplicity of plantation shutters and the visual effect of cutting light and shadow. Today, I will talk to you about the Plantation shutters.

What to pay attention to when choosing Plantation shutters

Quality: The blades of the Plantation shutters are an important part of adjusting the Plantation shutters. When purchasing Plantation shutters, first touch the Plantation shutters blades […]